Will you be…..my bridesmaid?

I am less than a month into my engagement and knee deep in planning a beach wedding that is over a year away.  Before setting a precise date and venue, I just couldn’t help but start to get my bridal party in order.  I had already known who I would ask to stand up for me at my wedding well before DH proposed, so that was the easy part.   The challenging part was coming up with a creative way to “pop the question” to my girls!

I didn’t want to call, text, or send an email.  That just seemed too impersonal and cold.  A handwritten note would be a nice gesture, but it still wasn’t quite enough.  So I came up with an idea that would incorporate my creative side with our seaside wedding.  I modified it from another idea, to fit our style and theme a little better.  When Hurricane Irene fell upon us and the power went out, I thought it was a perfect time to finish this project!

“Spe-Shell Delivery”

Cut out a strip of fabric and stamped my message on it.

Be creative with your message!

 Glue it face up into the opening of a seashell

Make sure you glue it in good!

 Roll the message up and tie it with a pretty fabric bow

Wrapped up and ready to go!

Put the “invite” in a cute little personalized box and they are ready to send!

Reuse and Redecorate Stella & Dot boxes!

I was so excited for  my best girlfriends to get these in the mail.  Their responses were emotional and perfect.  They felt super special and loved the thought behind the gesture.  It really doesn’t matter the occaission or your level of creativity.  Creating something from your heart and with your hands is always received gratefully.  Think of your own way to make a special event even more memorable!


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